People are now allowed to set up temporary roadside businesses. Cities around...

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问题 People are now allowed to set up temporary roadside businesses. Cities around China have started to set up roadside booths or food stalls on streets regularly on weekends. What’s your opinion of this policy? Write at least 180 words to express your ideas or suggestions. Write the essay on the answer sheet.
解析 【参考范文】 In order to revitalize the economy and increase employment after the devastating COVID-19, China has allowed people to set up temporary roadside booths or food stalls on the street. As far as I am concerned, it is an effective way to help people get out of the current impasse, but at the same time, we should not ignore the risks brought about by it. There is no doubt that this policy is conductive to economic recovery. The roadside businesses can create job opportunities for people. During the pandemic, most people were required to stay at home for months, with the result that many families could not make the end meets. Street business is easy to set up, and it can increase people’s income, which in the end will bring new vitality to our economy. People can sell various items on the street, such as snacks, flowers and toys. Although the street economy is profitable for some people, it will also bring some trouble to the city management. Littering and traffic congestion can be two major side-effects. Therefore, stall owners and citizens should pay much more attention to the environmental protection and the relevant departments should also strengthen their management.


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