Questions 61—65 are based on the following passage. Today, English is used a...

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问题 Questions 61—65 are based on the following passage. Today, English is used as the international language. You can talk to Russian people or even French people in English. About 80% of the information on the Internet is written in English. However, many people find it difficult to use information on the Internet because they don’t have good English skills. It is very important for you to master English in order to become a “global citizen.” You have been studying English for more than six years, still, English is difficult, isn’t it? Is there an easy way to master English? Maybe not. However, the following tips may be helpful. Firstly, you should not be afraid of making mistakes. If you’re afraid of making mistakes, you will find it difficult to talk to English-speaking people. You may have few chances to practice speaking. You cannot learn to swim only through theory. You learn to swim well by swimming. Similarly, you learn to speak English better by speaking a lot. Secondly, it is important to use your imagination in order to learn English effectively. The human brain is divided into two parts. The left half of the brain controls language and maths, and the right half handles imagination and feelings. According to recent studies, good language learners both halves of the brain. For example, they imagine talking to foreigners in English when they learn English. Use your imagination actively and you’ll enjoy learning English. Thirdly, you should not study English mechanically. You have to think about the meanings and feelings when you learn new sentence structures by heart. If you just memorize them without understanding the real meaning you cannot master them. People say “Practice makes perfect.” It is not true in mastering a foreign language. If the practice is mechanical, it cannot help you create meaningful images in the right half of your brain. The new structure cannot be stored in your brain. Therefore, mechanical practice is not the perfect method. Only meaningful practice makes it easier to learn language. Which do you think is easier to memorize, be good at or My friend is good at dancing? The shorter phrase be good at seems easier to memorize. In fact, this three-word idiom fails to touch the right half of the brain because it is not meaningful enough to create an image in your brain. When you learn the sentence by heart, the image that your friend is dancing is created in your brain. The sentence is easier for you to store in your brain because it is more meaningful. Lastly, the best way to master English is to try to use it in real life. Try to surf the Internet and make friends with many pen pals from other countries. Don’t run away from foreigners who ask you for directions. Watching English videos is a very effective way of using both halves of the brain. Reading your favorite English magazines and writing a diary in English can help you a lot, too. Memorizing English pop songs in a meaningful way may also be a great help. Now, try to enjoy using English as you prepare for a great future.
选项 Answer the following questions with the information given in the passage. 65.What does the author say is the best way to learn English?
解析 65.The best way to master English is try to use it in real life. 【解析】题目问作者说学习英语的最好方法是什么?根据题目定位至原文最后一段第一句“Lastly, the best way to master English is to try to use it in real life.”即掌握英语的最佳方法就是在现实生活中使用它。


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