Read the following passage and fill in each blank with one word. Choose the c...

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问题 Read the following passage and fill in each blank with one word. Choose the correct word in one of the following three ways: according to the context, by using the correct form of the given word, or by using the given letter(s) of the word. Remember to write the answers on the answer sheet. As usual, when the West glamorizes something for commercial purposes, the whole weight of the communication media has been thrown into its vulgarisation, with the (46)re【 】 that we are treated to a new set of visual wonders dispensing subtle and killing blows to the accompaniment of sententious epigrams in music-hall Chinese. This makes light of (47)【 】 is not only a craft but a distinct way of life. Kung Fu is Chinese boxing and probably first saw life as a development from Buddist meditational exercises. At any rate there is pictorial (48)【 】 (evident) dating back 2,000 years showing students engaged in temple boxing. The name itself means nothing but “trained man” and a range of combat forms a lot of which are based (49)【 】 the ways that animals fight, giving rise to the animal names for the several styles. In its true form there is none of the chicanery that we might imagine from watching the heroes carry the plot through with a few well-chosen chops followed by a Confucian motto; it is merely a concentrated (50)【 】 (apply) of complete bodily energy. When a boxer punches he uses the strength from his arm and shoulder. A Kung Fu punch is (51)【 】 (differ); for a start , the fist is not used, the final blow being delivered with two knuckles only, the principle being that force concentrated on a small area is more (52)eff【 】 than force dispersed. As you punch you shriek, drawing also on the strength of the stomach muscles, but the real secret lies in the hips. By a proper coordination it is quite (53) pos【 】 to demolish a brick. However, many would-be thugs who take up Kung Fu are in for a surprise. They see themselves (54)【 】 being possessed of an invincible force, but in reality they are in for three years of joint-sketching discomfort before they will be able to make it work for them. The long process does have advantages for Westerners. If one persists one may well have found some (55) ans【 】 to the strains of modern city life in the selflessness and dedication which will be involved.
选项 (52)eff【 】
解析 52.effective【解析】空格处所在的句子提到“首先,他们不用拳头攻击,而是只用两个指关节来发动最后一击,这样做的原理是集中在小范围内的力量比分散的力量更有效。”sth.+be+比较级+than + sth.表示“……比……更……”,空格前有more,故空格处应填入形容词的原级形式,根据句意及所给单词的前三个字母可知,空格处应填effective。


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